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How to Survive the Ultimate Italian Football Experience

The Ultimate Guide!

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Travel Insurance for Italy

How to Survive the Ultimate Italian Football Experience

Passion. Atmosphere. Intensity. Three words that immediately spring to mind ahead of any trip to Italy for a dose of calcio (football). The country that has been crowned the best in the world on four separate occasions has some of the most exciting theatres for the beautiful game anywhere in the world.

To get the full flavour of what each stadium has to offer, it’s worth considering travel insurance for Italy well before you go. Pacing around the asphalt to sample the delightful street food and shirt sellers is all well and good. Making sure you cover every possible event is something that only travel insurance in Italy can do.

Once that’s sorted it’s time to decide on the ground you want to visit and let me make one suggestion here: go to the San Siro.

Milan is an excellent city, the teams are always in the top half of the league and if they’re playing someone good, the atmosphere is incredible. Here’s a flavour of a matchday experience at the San Siro and how to be careful to avoid having to use that travel insurance in Italy.

Before you leave for the game

Whilst the Milan many know is dominated by high-end fashion, there’s a significant beauty attached to the home of the city’s largest football clubs.

The Giuseppe Meazza, or San Siro to call it by its nickname, is the venue where Milan and Internazionale contest games and they are two true giants of the European game and have respective followings to match.

Before setting out for the stadium make sure that you’ve got some identification with you. That passion I mention above often spills over and in the past has caused stadiums to be closed. They’ve even cancelled entire weekends before due to crowd mischief.

It means you need a passport to get through the ID checks so remember to put it in your money belt. The more protected it is, the less chance there is that you’ll need to bother claiming on your travel insurance for Italy.

Reaching the ground

Taking in a game at this great stadium is best done on an evening when a prestigious opponent is in town. Stepping out of the metro station, you’re immediately transported into an cacophony of noise and pre-game action the likes of what is very rarely seen outside this country.

Head closer to the stadium and the smells of stall upon stall serving up piles of food will have you wishing for an additional stomach. They sit alongside side a plethora of weird and wonderful souvenir stalls, all hoping that you’ll be tempted by the scores of replica jerseys. You’ll wish you brought that extra suitcase for a new kit for you and your Saturday team.

It’s worth being slightly cautious in locations like this. Crowded settings are a magnet for pickpockets and petty thieves. It’s yet another reason why travel insurance for Italy is so important. Without travel insurance for Italy you will be thoroughly stranded if a pickpocket strikes.ERGO Travel Insurance

During and After the Game

Whilst the game’s going on, take it all in. The ultra’s will occupy either the Curva Nord or Curva Sud, and that all depends on which side you are watching. Get in well before the game is scheduled to begin. Why? The displays put on by the ultras are truly a sight to behold and worth the entrance price alone. Fireworks, flares, smoke bombs and giant murals plastered to flags. That’s just a flavour of what you can expect to see.

Then it’s time to settle in and watch the match itself. If it’s anything like the game I went to, the 90 minutes will fly by. Post-game, it’s time to head back outside to the tarmac surrounding the San Siro when it all turns into an impromptu party of food, drinks, more shopping…oh…and the visiting supporters being escorted out by the carabinieri. That always causes a stir.

All in all this is one experience that any visitor should try to take part in and staying safe with travel insurance in Italy means there’s nothing to worry about. All you need to do now is pick a team to follow!

If you want further information on travel insurance for Italy please click here.

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