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Travel Tips For Single Parent Holidays

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If you’re a lone parent, going on holiday might seem like quite a challenge. But there are lots of tips on single parent holidays out there to help you make the most of your chance to have some time away with your children and avoid too many of the things you worry about.

Travel Tips For Single Parent Holidays

We’ve collected a great handful of some top tips on planning single parent holidays and making the most out of them for you and your children. From the planning to the travelling and what to do when you’re there – this collection of tips should help.

planning a trip

Involve the children in the planning. It might sound like you’re asking for trouble, but the more input the children have with the planning of the holiday the more they’ll feel involved.

An itinerary, or ‘fun schedule’, can also be a great way to keep the kids on track. If they’ve helped you plan the holiday, why not let them help keep things running smoothly by helping you with a schedule of things to do along the way.

As well as having a fun schedule, it’s worth spending time with your children on an emergency plan so that everyone knows what to do if they wander off or you get separated.

Resorts with kids clubs or somewhere they can make friends are a great place to start. You’ll be thankful of taking a little time to research the hotel if your child gets to make new friends.

There are of course a few essentials, like a first aid pack or medicine bag, especially if your child needs medication. You should remember to check that any medication is permitted in your destination country before you travel.

You may also need to ensure that you have the correct paperwork for taking your child abroad, as in some cases you may need to get the signature of a co-parent.

at the airport

We all know that finding the right airport gate can be a panic, or a challenge… but what about a game? This wonderful idea on Peter Greenberg’s blog turns the search for the gate into an amazing game of secret agent missions!!!

We all know that flying is often a little uncomfortable (well, we don’t all get to fly first class) so making sure your child is in suitable clothing is a great way to start the trip.

Have you checked to see if there are any special airline perks for families? Early boarding, kids activity packs, the airline meals? Maybe even a member of crew to sit with your child for a minute of two if the call of nature won’t hold off until the landing – you’ll be thankful for that! Single parent holidays doesn’t mean you’ll be on your own 100% of the time, there’s plenty of help available.

whilst travelling

You might not need too many, but a careful selection of activities for the plane/car could be a life saver. We all hate delays and traffic jams, but then we all know that our kids hate them far more than we do!

It could be a good idea to download a few games or their favourite films / TV shows to a tablet if you have one. Make sure you choose a game that doesn’t need a connection though, so it can be played when offline.

As well as activities, snacks and drinks for the journey might seem a little obvious. Don’t forget that you may not be able to take a drink through the airport, and once you’re overseas they might not be able to get their favourite drink or snack. If you need to be aware of allergy information, make sure you know what to look for on labels in the local language.

your accommodation

So you’ve made the long journey and finally are at the hotel… but the room isn’t ready! Most hotels will have a kids fun kit for arrival, but it’s a good idea to check ahead of your arrival to see what you can, and can’t, get hold of to keep them busy and whether you can access things like the kids club or restaurant.

If you haven’t already thought about it, all-inclusive hotels could be a great way to control your budget as well as giving your children the added bonus of being able to eat and drink all they can manage (within reason of course) without having to run to you for money all of the time.

All-inclusive is great for older children who can get a greater degree of freedom within a secure resort and can make their own way to clubs or the pool.

It’s a good idea to try and book a room with a balcony or patio too, a great chance to get some private time without being too far away.

when you’re there

Finding activities to do together is of course a great way to make the holiday fun for everyone. You’re more than likely thinking of trying to find lots of things for the children to do at the expense of yourself, so remember to make the decisions together and you might be surprised to have a list of things that you all can enjoy doing together.

Take a look at what’s on offer within the resort to see if there’s something to keep everyone happy without having to worry too much about the need to travel anywhere. It’s also really helpful to have a list of activities that can be close to hand.

If the resort doesn’t have too much to offer, find out about what’s in the local area. Even if there is plenty to do in the resort, nearby attractions give you the chance to get out and explore a bit of the area without having to go too far or need to rely on transport.

Quiet time for everyone? It is possible. Look at what the resort offers in terms of kids clubs for your quiet time and think about the previously mentioned balcony with your room. Everyone can get a bit of personal time without being far apart.

Travel tips for single parent holidays


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