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Valentine’s Day: Four Places to Avoid Couples on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day

Four Places to Avoid Couples on Valentine’s Day

 Loved up couples get their annual day to make elaborate shows of affection when Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world and, whilst everyone in a relationship uses it to get back in the partner’s good books, singletons everywhere will be dreading leaving the house.

 Numbers released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) a couple of years back showed that 51% of people identify themselves as ‘single’ and that’s a lot of people looking for activities to avoid Valentine’s Day. Luckily we’re here to help!

 Whether you’re simply single and looking for something to occupy yourself or it’s your birthday on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry! We’ve got a guide to the world’s best places to find yourself on…well…a holiday basically made up by the card companies to make money. That’s what Valentine’s Day really is, isn’t it! Here are a handful of destinations where you’re sure not to find loved up travellers.

Rotoroa, New Zealand

 The fact that 220,000 UK tourists visited New Zealand in 2016 means the chances are high that a fair few are on the other side of the world when Valentine’s Day comes around. Preparing to avoid the annual day of love is easy in New Zealand thanks to one thing – the putrid smell of rotten eggs.

 Yes, that’s right. Rotoroa is nick-named The Sulphur City, the smell emanating from the geothermal activity that dominates the city and surrounding region. You won’t just be coming for the overwhelming stench as there are plenty of activities for anyone looking to avoid Valentine’s Day. Head to Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland to experience the vibrant colours thrown up by planet earth, somewhere that offers more geysers than a Saturday night down at the rugby club.

 It’s not all about geothermal activity either. Rotoroa is an area rich in cultural heritage and at Whakarewarewa you can experience a living Maori village to see how New Zealand’s indigenous Polynesian people live. You can then round things off by jumping in a car for an hour to Taupo to jump out of a plane, all in the name of fun. After all, New Zealand is the destination for extreme sports.

 Now we know times probably aren’t that hard that you need to jump on a plane for 24 hours to avoid Valentine’s Day, but if you’re in New Zealand when Valentine’s Day comes around remember to head for that smell!

Full Moon Party in Thailand

Google ‘how to avoid Valentine’s Day’ and you’ll soon realise that many of the ideas revolve around partying the night away. No place makes that more possible than the beaches of South East Asia and in that category nothing beats a Full Moon Party. Taking place before or after every full moon, this year the party falls on or around February 12th and thankfully that’s right in time for Valentine’s Day.

Taking place at Koh Phangan, the Full Moon Party is firmly ensconced on the bucket list of travellers both young and old. It’s a place where the party goes on all-night long so don’t peak too early. Kick things off by watching the sun set at one of the bars off the beach itself and head down there when the party is in full swing.

Share a couple of the famous Thai buckets with a group of your new found friends, keep your valuables close to hand and see in Valentine’s Day in style by partying until the break of dawn. The word Valentine’s Day will be a distant memory when the sun starts to rise on the beautiful beach that sits before you.

Las Vegas – It’s called Sin City for a reason!

 What better way to spend your first time in Vegas than by heading there when Valentine’s Day is on? Whilst it’s very true that plenty of loved up couples will populate Sin City on Valentine’s Day, the city is big enough for the single ones among us to completely avoid any mention of the day itself.

Right off the bat, this place is packed to the rafters with casinos and if you’ve ever thought of yourself as a high roller then Valentine’s Day is time to chance your arm. Don your best suit, hit the tables and win some money.

Then there’s Vegas’ pumping club scene, which attracts some of the best DJs on the planet. Wander into any of the huge properties along the strip and you’ll notice they have clubs coming out of their ears. They aren’t just high-end either. Mid-range clubs are on offer at every casino-hotel and they offer cheaper drinks, a better mix of people and dance floors that pulsate to all the latest sounds. Booking a trip to Vegas over Valentine’s Day could be the best thing you’ve never done!

A football match…ANY FOOTBALL MATCH.

Valentine’s Day always falls inside the football season and being that it’s at a decisive moment of the campaign, there will be matches on every time Valentine’s Day comes around. For example, last year saw the eventual Premier League champions Leicester City go to Arsenal in what was a match that defined the season by marking one of the only occasions that Leicester lost a game.

 This time around there’s plenty to offer. Given that it’s a Tuesday night, two Champions League ties are scheduled to take place, but that’s not all. The lower leagues are serving up a full program of fixtures and there’s scores of games to get your teeth stuck in to. Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day in style by attending a ground you’ve never been to before?

 Community is at the very heart of lower league football and sharing a pre-game pie and pint will give you a warm feeling inside. What a way to feel good on Valentine’s Day!

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