Ross WelchRoss Welch

In this new profile series we’ll take a look at some of the up and coming British ski and snowboard stars sponsored by ERV. First up is freestyle skier Ross Welch, who we’ve been proudly sponsoring since 2012.

Ross Welch: Freestyle Skier

25 year old Ross Welch is a professional freestyle skier from Hemel Hempstead. Competing on the international circuit, Ross has also started up his own jam format competition called ‘Gap Nation’.


Ross first got into snow sports at the age of 12 when he started going to Hemel dry slope. His interest only grew as he took to the snow on family ski holidays. His passion and drive to compete at an international level really took off when, in 2009, The Snow Centre opened in Hemel Hempstead, giving Ross the opportunity to ski whenever he could.

Career Highlights

2012 saw Ross participating in the Slope Style and Big Air at the British Snow Tour and also in the London Freeze Festival. His career highlights include taking 2nd place at the O’neill Shoreditch Showdown.

Other Interests

A keen film-maker and photographer following Ross Welch on Facebook or Instagram gives you a taste of the life of a pro-freestyle skier. With Ross basing himself in New Zealand for the summer and Mayrhofen, Austria for the winter season, you’ll be sure to find some amazing travel shots too!

Ross is so passionate about getting everyone involved in skiing that he is always looking for new ways to create awareness about the sport. This has lead him to set up Gap Nation, an annual competition held at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead which draws over 90 each year to get together and share their love of wintersports.

Check out his website for a look at the images of Ross in Fall Line and Loaded magazine, for clips from Sky documentary ‘Mother of Invention’, which he recently took part in, and updates of Ross’s upcoming competitions and events.

Ross has also recently started up his own digital production and media company, which goes by the name Perspective Studios. He produces top notch high quality content and we would recommend him to anyone who is looking for media content.

You can see some of his work at