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Travelling With Asthma

If you are thinking about travelling with Asthma, it can be a worrying thought leaving the comfort and safety of home. However, this should not prevent you from taking that dream holiday.

Information on travelling with asthma

Below there are a number of informative articles that we suggest reading, in an attempt to make your trip and travelling with asthma, go as smoothly as possible.

-NHS Choices –

-NHS Fit For Travel –

-Asthma UK –

-Asthma UK –

-Kids Health –

Asthma is well known by many travel and insurance companies and performing research before you go travelling with asthma can make a real difference.

If you have any questions regarding travel insurance and asthma, please contact us for more information


Travelling With Chickenpox

If you or your child have Chickenpox, we recommend that you read these useful information pages provided by NHS Choices:

These pages contain information about the infection (also known as varicella) and some of the available treatments.

You should note that Chickenpox is infectious and spreads easily and quickly. Of particular note is the fact that you may not be allowed on board an airline if you have chicken pox, so you should also inform us if you do have it in case a flight needs to be cancelled or delayed.

    Travelling on a plane

    If you or your child have chickenpox, you may not be allowed to fly until six days after the last spot has appeared.

    You and your child should be safe to fly once you’re past the infectious stage and all of the blisters have crusted over. However, it’s best to check the policy of your airline first. Inform the airline as soon as chickenpox is diagnosed.

    It is also important to let your travel insurer know if you or your child has chickenpox. You need to make sure that you’ll be covered if you have to delay or cancel your holiday, or if you need to extend your stay until your child is well enough to fly home.

What does your policy cover if you are pregnant?

Details relating to cover during pregnancy can be found in the policy wordings of our products. You can find these documents on our Policy Information page, and can find the information on the following pages:

Leisure (pages 16, 21 & 22)
Backpacker (pages 17,21 & 22)
Cycle (pages 17,22 & 23)
Winter Sports (pages 16,21 & 22)
Screen & Go (pages 20,24 & 25)
Go – last minute (pages 15 & 20)

I have a pre existing medical condition; will I still be able to buy cover?

We may be able to provide you with cover. This depends on the type of condition(s) you have.

When you select “Get a quote” you will be asked a set of questions about your general health. Your answers may trigger our online medical screening service. If you have more than one person on your policy, you will see an option to screen each individual. Select “Screen” next to the relevant person and a new window will appear. Type the word of your condition and search; you will then be able to select the condition from the condition list. Once you have selected the condition, a series of questions will be presented to you asking specific information. Once you have finished, the window will close and an additional premium may be shown. If you have more than one condition, simply add another.

Our medical screening service is provided by our preferred partner Healix ( Your answers to the questions provide is scored by Healix. If your score is above our set levels, unfortunately we will not be able to provide cover.

Our holiday to Lanzarote was cancelled…

Our holiday to Lanzarote was cancelled, I called up to change the destination, it was done within a few minutes with no extra cost. Very happy & will use again.

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