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Turkey is the country where east meets west. Here we will outline our recommendations for holiday insurance for Turkey and also some background on the country.

Head to the Bosphorus river at the heart of Istanbul and you suddenly notice what a clash it is. On one side is the modern city in Europe and on the other the gleaming mosques of Asia.

This was one day Constantinople, the city at the heart of the vast Ottoman Empire, and if you travel around this vast nation there are historical sites aplenty from that era and the Byzantine one that predated it.

However, Turkey is anything but one big archaeological site. To the South West are some of the best beaches anywhere in the world. In fact, only Spain and Greece have more than Turkey’s 414 blue flag beaches and it’s reassurance that this is some of the best sand anywhere on the planet.

Turkey directly borders Syria and the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) is constantly updating its advice accordingly. Before booking any trip, check this link ( and also make sure your holiday insurance for Turkey covers the area you are visiting.

Don’t let that put you off. Turkey is a huge country and one that is largely completely safe, especially the beach resorts to the south west of the country that are on the med. What you will need is holiday insurance for Turkey as the country is non-EU and therefore not covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Holiday insurance for Turkey is there to provide a safety net should anything happen. It covers all your medical costs but also gives you compensation in the event that flights are delayed or cancelled, or your luggage is lost. Before purchasing your policy, It is important to read the terms and conditions.

Sticking with lost luggage, it’s especially important now that travel restrictions put in place by the UK prevent you carrying large electronics in the cabin on flights from the UK to Turkey. The ban means that anything larger than a smartphone can’t be brought on board and must either be left at home or checked. Putting it in the hold is not usually included in a policy so before you put items in checked luggage make sure you have checked that the insurer will cover it.


Taking holiday insurance to Turkey also covers you when on the beach itself. Much like plenty of other places in the world, hawkers and salesmen will regularly trot along the sands and you should be wary of all your belongings. Holiday insurance for Turkey will be there if anything gets stolen and is essential.

Another area that it can be very helpful is if you get injured doing adventure sports. Riding a banana boat or going waterskiing are very fun. It’s another matter entirely if you get injured whilst doing so and holiday insurance for Turkey will cover any hospital treatment should anything like that occur.

What your holiday insurance to Turkey will not cover is trips into areas where the FCO advises against travel. Right now that includes large swathes of the border with Syria. Apart from the obvious risk to your life, should anything happen to you or your belongings there is nothing to cover you.

If you want information on European travel insurance please click here.

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