As with any plans for travelling, you should always keep updated with the latest information for your destination. The recent Zika Virus outbreak in Brazil, and also the wider South America, is relevant to all travellers, but particularly those who are pregnant or who are considering pregnancy in the near future.

Information on the Zika Virus

Pregnant women are advised to reconsider travel to areas where Zika virus (ZIKV) outbreaks are currently reported

Latest Travel Advice

One of the best sources of up to date travel information for British travellers is the GOV.UK pages for Latest Travel Advice.

This page has recently been updated with information relating to the Zika Virus outbreak in Brazil, but you should check all of the relevant pages for any destination country you plan to travel to. You can find the link to the latest information on travel to Brazil below:

> Foreign Travel Advice – Brazil

Advice For Pregnant Women

The Travel Health Pro website also carries additional advice and information for pregnant women travel to areas affected by the Zika Virus.

This page also includes a link to a regularly updated map of Zika virus infection reports and general information for travellers as well as health professionals.

> Zika Virus Update & Advice For Pregnant Women

Avoid Being Bitten By Mosquitos

Of course nobody actually wants to bitten by a mosquito at any time, but with the Zika Virus being transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, you should take extra care when travelling to these areas.

Travel Health Pro also have some very useful information on insect and tick bite avoidance relating to mosquitoes, flies, reduviid bug (triatome bugs), fleas, ticks. There is also more general advice on the types of clothing, repellents and nets that could help you avoid bites, and also some tips on treating bites if you do get them.

> Insect and tick bite avoidance

Information on the Zika Virus

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