Considering your accommodation is vital when booking a cycling trip. When travelling with a bike it pays to be well prepared in all areas: including having a firm idea in advance of where to stay.

Accommodation Considerations for Cycling Trips

Why? For starters, cycle trips offer less flexibility in terms of accommodation, as it can be difficult to find places on the spur of the moment. Knowing you are booked in a particular place can also work as an incentive to ride those last few miles!

When deciding on the perfect spot, there’s more to consider than the nearest bed. Think about what you want to get out of your trip, and what you need. Some riders may want a place of tranquillity, somewhere with cycle-specific facilities, or a place to meet fellow cyclists.

Whatever your individual preferences, considering the below should help you map your perfect on-the-road pit stops.


You don’t want to book your hotel then find it’s in the centre of a busy roundabout! Cycling rest stops should be easily accessible by bike, and should not add any issues to the start or end of a long day of cycling.

Choosing somewhere that caters to cyclists specifically should ensure that two-wheeled access is no problem. It also means there will be better facilities; such as areas to lock up and maintain your bike.


Security is a major consideration for any holiday accommodation, and should be no different for cycling holidays.

Regardless of accommodation, there are some basic ways to ensure possessions are protected during cycling holidays. It is wise to follow them as problems can occur, even in cycle friendly accommodation.

Key security measures include using a quality lock when leaving your bike unattended, and using detachable panniers. Locks mean your bike can’t be stolen, and panniers allow you to carry your possessions when you are away from the saddle.

Thinking about these things in advance means you can concentrate on having fun when away.

Bring Your Own

Why not bring your own accommodation with you?
Be it a tent, a camper or a caravan, attaching a bike to your vehicle and hitting the open road is worth consideration. Campsites are commonly found and can add a level of freedom not normally experienced in a tour set up.

This is a great option for those who wanted a relaxed cycling holiday. You can decide where to go and how long to spend in each destination as you go. Hotel unpacking is not an issue, and you can truly take things at your own pace.
What’s more, staying on a campsite means you may enjoy other onsite facilities; particularly handy if children come along for the ride.

Bike and a Boat

For a cycling holiday with a difference, why not try a bike and a boat?
Typically this involves staying on board a boat at night, and cycling in the local area by day. This quirky option allows cyclists to explore a new place in a new way, and unwind by a tranquil waterside.

There are plenty of options for this type of trip. Popular European routes for example include Amsterdam to Brussels, or for those who enjoy spectacular coastal scenery Croatia’s stunning Adriatic coast may appeal.

Tour Operators

If you don’t want to plan stops yourself, try a tour operator. If you book with a tour operator all of your accommodation needs will normally be taken care of.

Providers will be expecting groups of tired cyclists looking for somewhere to stay. This means you’ll have somewhere secure to lock up in the evenings, and won’t have to worry about your bike going missing! Tour groups with similar interests should also have more information about cycling in the area, such as routes or repair facilities. Well-regarded companies such as Backroads are a great place to start your research, particularly if Europe is your likely destination.


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