Although Arthritis is a condition that does and will affect many of us, particularly in later life, it can still be difficult to get an Arthritis annual travel insurance policy. ERGO Medi-Care provides you with the freedom to take multiple holidays each year with our annual travel insurance.

Arthritis Annual Travel Insurance

With over 10 million people in Britain suffering from Arthritis, meaning that 1 in 6 of the population have the condition, many people struggle to find annual travel insurance. Arthritis is a condition which differs greatly from person to person and many people are able to control their symptoms and continue to have a good quality of life, which includes taking multiple holidays abroad.

At ERGO Medi-Care having arthritis doesn’t stop you from taking out an annual policy. We offer Arthritis sufferers annual travel insurance policies, giving you the freedom to plan and take multiple holidays each year without the stress of searching for a new insurance policy for every trip you make.


Your Medical Needs

At ERGO Medi-Care we cover over 200 conditions automatically at no additional cost. You can find out more about those on our Automatically Approved Medical Conditions list. If your conditions aren’t automatically accepted, ERGO Medi-Care offer a simple process to assess your needs either online or by talking them through with one of our customer service team over the phone.

It is vital that your insurer understands the specific condition of your arthritis. For each individual the level of care needed for your arthritis differs. ERGO Medi-Care offers a simple online or telephone medical screening process to understand each person’s unique requirements and the best way to support you and your medical condition while you travel. Check out our list of typical question’s related to your arthritis that you may be asked during the medical screening process.


Arthritis: ERGO Medi-Care’s Annual Travel Insurance Policy

When buying your annual policy, you are also offered the chance with Medi-Care Annual Travel Insurance to buy your policy as an individual, as a couple or as a family, specifying which individuals in your party suffer from arthritis or any other medical conditions. This makes organising your annual policy much simpler. With just one phone call or the click of a button you, and any family you may be planning to travel with, can be covered for multiple holidays throughout the year!

Our Annual Travel Insurance Policies can be purchased for both European and Worldwide travel including the USA. This means your holiday planning and choice of destination, doesn’t have to be limited by your medical condition and you will be supported by ERGO Medi-Care’s extensive group of assistance networks and pre-approved medical facilities wherever you travel.


Travelling with Arthritis

We know that you will understand your condition better than anyone but it’s always useful to get any helpful Arthritis travel tips that will help to make your journey easier.



Before your trip try to ensure you have as much planned as possible. Many people find that their Arthritis flares up under pressure or stress, so reducing anxiety will help to lessen physical discomfort while travelling.


Long Journeys by Air or Sea

For many people living with Arthritis, travelling by plane can be a daunting prospect. However, there are some great tips though to help you have a successful flight and to enjoy your holiday from the start.

Try to avoid queues and busy flights by booking your journey midweek and choosing a seat, which will allow you to stretch your legs. If you need it, speak to your airline about getting the VIP treatment with a pre-boarding escort in the airport.

When you’re planning your trip, if you are going by car, make sure you have plenty of rest stops to stretch your legs and avoid stiffness. When on a plane or boat, when safe, try to get up and walk around.

For more tips on the best ways to make your trip a success when travelling with arthritis, look at our page or check out the travel tips page on the website.