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Snowboarding Travel Insurance

ERGO’s winter sports snowboarding insurance cover options:

  • General snowboarding insurance
  • Heli Snowboarding
  • Snowboarding off piste with a professional guide
  • Freestyle Snowboarding (within a resort organised park)
  • Snowboarding off piste without a professional guide
  • Optional gadget cover
  • Annual, Multi-trip & Single trip short break covered
  • We can cover a wide range of abilities from Rookies through to Pro’s
  • Multiple locations around the world.

Snowboarding Travel Insurance Quote

We provide a range of policies for all types of boarders looking for snowboarding insurance. This includes your beginner/rookie to your experienced/pro. Our snowboarding insurance therefore covers a large range of activities depending on the level of snowboarding insurance you are after. ERGO were awarded best travel insurer at Telegraph Snow Awards proving we are committed to providing for our customers. If you would like to get a quote please click here.

ERGO provides two winter sports insurance products, which are Red and Black Rookie, with optional upgrades depending on the level of snowboarding you are planning on doing. We also provide snowboarding insurance for those who would like to complete a season or longer term travel insurance. For example, if you are going snowboarding over a period of time at different locations, or if you are a professional instructor or seasonaire staff we have cover for your more longer term snowboarding travel insurance.

If you want to do more than just snowboarding, don’t worry our policies can also cover you for Biathlon, Cross Country, snowblading and snowmobiling and many other activities. Click on the quote button and you will be able to select which activities suit your holiday or professional training.

ERGO snowboarding travel insurance is high quality cover for the discerning holiday-maker, professional skier or seasonaire. Whether you are a novice snowboarder or a highly advanced practitioner, ERGO snowboarding travel insurance should have the right cover for you, your colleagues and family.

If snowboarding is one of your real passions and you are quite a frequent visitor to destinations round the world, you may wish to consider our annual snowboarding travel insurance or multi-trip cover, simply click on the quote button to find the best cover to suit your frequency or travel, type of activities, whether or not you have a pre-existing medical condition, we may well have the right travel insurance for your snowboarding activities.

Travel insurance for snowboarding can be quite in-depth, make sure you have the right cover for the activities you are participating in, your level of experience and if you require cover for any pre-existing medical conditions.

For a live quote simply fill in your ski holiday insurance details here.