Travel Insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions

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Preparing for your holiday involves many different things, ensuring you’ve got the tickets printed, that you’re bags are packed, and that you’ve not got to make that last minute dash around the airport for sun lotion and a travel adaptor.


Travel Insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions

For people travelling with a pre-existing medical condition though, finding the right travel insurance is one of the top priorities when preparing for your trip. As people who travel with medical conditions will undoubtedly know, it can be very difficult to find travel insurance cover at an acceptable price, if at all. It can also be a long and intrusive process going through a long list of questions about your health during medical screening, only to find that you are no further towards finding a policy that is right for you if you are refused cover.


Medi-Care medical screening

ERGO Medi-Care provides travel insurance for those who find it difficult to get cover elsewhere, whether due to medical conditions, disability, or age.

We have now made the process of purchasing holiday insurance for customers with pre-existing medical conditions quick, safe, and secure with our online quotation and Healix medical screening system which screens for over 250 medical conditions. This means that you can complete the screening process whenever and wherever you choose.



mature with pre existing conditions



Not every medical condition requires screening

The medical screening process is a simple set of questions regarding your trip and any pre-existing medical conditions you may have. Many conditions are automatically covered by our Medi-Care policy, so you may not even need to be screened.

If you do require screening, you will then be taken through to a set of questions regarding your condition. It’s a simple, quick process taking away much of the hassle of trying to find travel insurance with a pre-existing medical condition.


Our travel cover for pre-existing medical conditions offers cover of up to £10,000,0000 for emergency medical and repatriation expenses, cancellation and curtailment cover of up to £5000 and an option to waiver excess. In fact, Medi-Care is almost identical to our regular Leisure insurance to ensure that you have the best choice of cover but with the added reassurance of medical cover for a condition you may already have. With cover available for both Europe and Worldwide (including the USA, Canada and the Caribbean) ERGO Medi-Care enables you to make sure you have the right cover for your holiday, regardless of any existing condition.





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Great cover at a great price

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