Travel Insurance back pain. Back pain is a fairly common problem that will affect most people at some point during their life. It can be triggered by things like bad posture, bending awkwardly or incorrectly lifting heavy or large items. It isn’t generally caused by a serious condition and, in most cases, back problems improve in a matter of weeks or months, however some people experience long-term pain or pains consistently return.


Travel Insurance Back Pain:

ERGO Medi-Care was created to be able to give those with existing medical conditions the ability to get travel insurance that allows you to continue travelling. We want to help you ‘Get Out There’ and we don’t believe that your medical conditions should be a barrier to that!


Medical Screening with Back Problems

Your travel insurance provider will need to understand your medical situation before providing you with a travel insurance policy, and this is still the case if you suffer from back problems. This is why ERV’s Medi-Care offers a thorough online screening process or the option to call our team and have someone help you through a telephone medical screening process.

Everybody is different and will have their own symptoms or problems, but the list below will give you some indication as to the type of questions you might be asked when you are asked to complete medical screening for your travel insurance covering back pain.

  • In the last 5 years, has this problem interfered with activities of daily living?
  • Do you take pain relief daily for your back or neck?
  • Have you had any of these treatments for your back or neck in the last 12 months?
  • Are you awaiting any further scans, injections or surgery for your back or neck?
  • Have you had any unplanned hospital admissions for back or neck problems in the last two years?
  • How tall are you?


Travelling with Back Problems

If you already suffer from back pain, you’ll already know the best ways to manage it on a regular basis, but from time to time we come across some great tips for other people who do plenty of travelling with a bad back and wanted to share their tips with you!

Below are a few useful travel tips to take the strain out of getting ready for that next trip.

Travel Planning

Planning your trip around your back pains doesn’t have to be a pain in itself! You’ll know better than anyone what you can or can’t manage, but a hotel with not too many steps or steep slopes to the local attractions would be idea.

Are there plenty of lifts in the hotel? If not, consider a room on a lower floor if these are available. You could even ask about the beds, as you might be able to request a hard or soft matress depending on what you find most comfortable or what you use at home.

When thinking about packing, why not take a backpack? It can actually be better on your back when compared to a strap over one shoulder, or twisting and turning to pull a suitcase along.

Diet & Exercise

Swimming or something like yoga or pilates is great exercise for a bad back, so try to book a hotel that has a pool and possibly some exercise running through the week so you can join in on those.

Make sure to drink plenty of water and, even if you’re making the most of this relaxing time, try to stretch and exercise your back as often as possible to keep it moving.


If you are taking painkillers, you should check to make sure that the destination country does not have your medication on a list of banned substances. Some countries have very different rules to those of others. You should check all medications just in case, including any muscle relaxants you have.

You should also try to keep hot and cold packs to hand for pain relief. Check to see if your hotel room has a fridge and/or freezer for the cold packs so you can keep them cool in your room.


Related Conditions

This information could also be of use to you if you suffer from the following pre-existing medical conditions:

slipped disc, collapsed disc, sciatica, whiplash, frozen shoulder, ankylosing spondylitis, degenerative disc disease

How you sit, stand, lie and lift can all affect the health of your back. Try to avoid placing too much pressure on your back and ensure it’s strong and supple. Regular exercise, such as walking and swimming, is an excellent way of preventing back pain. Activities such as yoga or pilates can improve your flexibility and strengthen your back muscles.

(Information from NHS Choices)


Medi-Care Disclaimer

This content provides general information for travellers who may have a pre-existing medical condition. All pre-existing medical conditions will need to be declared when applying for travel insurance and are taken into account on an individual basis when quoting for your policy.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition: Any past, current or reoccurring medical condition which has been diagnosed, investigated or treated at any time prior to travel, even if this condition is considered to be stable and under control.

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