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For many, backpacking means budgeting, travelling as far and for as long as your money will stretch. Many backpackers believe it is all about the experience of staying in hostels, eating street food and trying not to pick up too many souvenirs that’ll leave your bag heavier but your wallet lighter.

Traveller Backpacker Insurance

If this sounds like your travel style and you’re trying to travel the world on a shoestring then the Traveller Backpacker Travel Insurance policy is for you. Designed for the essential needs of a backpacker, it ensures the most important aspects such as medical, cancellation and personal effects are covered. Knowing that flexibility is key to backpacking, we also offer optional upgrades to increase medical and cancellation cover and reduce excess.

It’s pretty common place these days to take a smart phone, digital SLR camera or iPad with you when you go travelling, with WiFi available almost everywhere. These items are not only great as a way to capture those amazing memories, but also as a way to keep in contact with home or to help book and plan the next stage of your trip.

Worry-free travelling for every backpacker

Cameras, phones and tablets can be extremely expensive though so it’s important to make sure they are covered if you are planning on taking them with you. With the Traveller Backpacker Travel insurance you can choose to cover up to two items worth £500 each under our optional gadget cover.

There are always going to be a few special opportunities on your travels that you won’t want to miss out on. Knowing this, we’ve included over 40 different adventurous activities in your policy cover. With cover for activities like surfing, trekking (under 2000m), snorkelling and many more – all you have to do is decide what you want to do and where you want to do it.

Check out our activities list to see if you’re covered for all those important adventure sports you’ve always wanted to try. If you do want more cover then maybe see if our Adventurer or Pioneer Backpacker Insurance policies are a better choice for you.