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To truly get away from it all there’s nothing quite like a cycling holiday. Feeling the wind whipping through the holes in your helmet whilst taking in the stunning scenery only open to those on two wheels is the real way to experience the world. When going driving on holiday you wouldn’t go without travel insurance, would you? Therefore taking out cycling holiday insurance should be a necessity and it’s broadly split into a number of different categories. The following page goes through the three levels of cover and what each one includes.

Recreational Cycling Holiday Insurance

Most fair-weather cyclists who feel like incorporating some two wheel action as an element of their holiday will go for the recreational option.

Recreational bike insurance provides a standard level of cover. This is for your more traditional family and road cycling holiday and doesn’t cover you for the more extreme stuff (which is discussed below). Biking along roads, organised trails and even incidental* off-road mountain biking is safe to do under this policy. Just don’t bother hurtling down the hillside on a mountain bike as you’ll need to level up for that.

You also get almost everything else you’ve come to expect from an ERGO travel insurance policy. That includes emergency medical and repatriation expenses up to £5 million and personal accident cover up to £10,000. That isn’t it all, there is also specialist coverage that is only available as part of a cycling holiday travel insurance policy.

Theft of a bicycle, is covered up to £2,500 and you get the same compensation if your bike is stolen from a vehicle or accidentally damaged. You’ll never have to worry about taking your bike along for the ride ever again!

This cover is also appropriate if you’re planning to rent a bicycle, the policy offering £250 worth of coverage. Remember that you’re only covered for recreational biking though. For a more extreme level of travel insurance for your cycling holiday then you need to look at our higher levels of cover (shown below).

* As an aside, incidental means that the mountain biking is not the sole reason you are going on holiday. Non-incidental is the complete opposite.

Touring Cycling Holiday Insurance

Planning on going round an entire country or partaking in a bit of non-incidental off-road mountain biking? Then our Touring cycling holiday insurance is for you.

The main difference when compared to the recreational level of insurance is that you get two added extras. One is coverage for touring and the other for non-incidental mountain biking.

Our Touring cycling holiday insurance, is best described as cover for those that know cycling will take up the majority of the holiday. If you’re going to be on the bike every day and covering hundreds of miles doing so, then this is the one for you.

Where mountain bikers are concerned, this cover does come with a caveat. If you are on a mountain biking holiday that involves anything downhill you will not be covered. The policy documents define what downhill is and if your cycling holiday sounds like that then you need to go for the highest level of cycling holiday travel insurance available: extreme cycle insurance (discussed next).

Extreme Cycling Holiday Insurance

At the top end of the scale is a level of cover for the real thrill seekers among us. Those people that live and breathe biking and want to pump up the adrenaline whilst doing so can get a level of cycling holiday insurance to match.

Our Extreme insurance is our premium cycling product, and covers a large number of activities and it’s not just downhill mountain biking that is a part of the package. It’s cousin the BMX is here and if you’re planning on hitting the half-pipe then it’s  worth considering cycling holiday insurance.

See yourself as a budding Chris Froome or the heir to the Brownlee brothers’ triathlon throne? The good news is that competitive cycling of that ilk is covered. Time-trialling, track and road racing and triathlon are all part of the package.

If you are unsure whether you are covered for something please feel free to contact our sales team and inquire when taking out travel insurance for your cycling holiday, they will be happy to help.

Don’t forget that the £2,500 worth of cover for your bike is covered by the extreme cycling holiday insurance and medical bills up to £5 million. There is also an option to upgrade your bike coverage to £5000 if you are the lucky owner of a high end set of wheels.

As you can see, there is a cycling holiday travel insurance for everyone, from rookies to the most eager of triathletes. So when you’re ready, start off with a quote and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.

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