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Travel insurance with Gout

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According to the NHS, an estimated 1 or 2 in every 100 people in the UK are affected by gout. The condition mainly affects men over 30 and women after the menopause, although overall, gout is more common in men than in women. Gout can be extremely painful and debilitating, but there are treatments available to relieve the symptoms and prevent further attacks.

It is a type of inflammatory arthritis, which is often red, tender, hot and swollen. When gout appears in the base of the big toe, this is also known as Podagra.


Gout Travel Insurance

ERGO Medi-Care was created to be able to give those with existing medical conditions the ability to get travel insurance that allows you to continue travelling. We want to help you ‘Get Out There’ and we don’t believe that your medical conditions should be a barrier to that!


Medical Screening with Gout

It’s important that a travel insurer understands your medical condition before providing you a policy. This is why ERGO offer medical screening through a thorough process that can be completed either online or over the telephone, letting you complete the process in your own time or together with someone who can guide you through the questions.

If gout is the only condition declared, then this is covered at no additional charge on Medi-Care policies. If other medical conditions are present, then you may incur additional premiums based on the other conditions.


Travelling with Gout

You probably know enough about your condition to be able to manage it perfectly well, but every now and then we come across other tips from gout or arthritis suffers who travel, so we thought we would share them with you, because you might learn something new!

Below are some further tips that might help you prepare for your trip and avoid any unwanted last minute complications.

Travel Planning

If your gout means that you have trouble getting around, you could consider trying to get a hotel room on a lower floor to avoid the need for too many stairs. It’s also worth researching the area to see if the surroundings are hilly of have lots of steps down to the beach for example.You could think about a walking aid, perhaps a folding walking stick, if you might need help getting around. It’s also a good idea to take ice packs with you for relief, so a cool bag of some sort would be a good idea to pack.

Diet & Exercise

Diet plays a big part in the treatment of gout, so you should think about what you eat even when you are away on holiday.You should avoid alcohol, too much meat and seafood if you can, but you should take in plenty of vitamin C, eat low fat dairy, maybe swap those alcoholic drinks for coffee and drink plenty of plain water to flush the uric acid through your system.


Make sure you have more than enough medication to cover the duration of your holiday, and in case you might need extra, find out about the nearest pharmacy to your accommodation and ask your Doctor for a prescription you can take with you.Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) are often prescribed for gout as well as medication to lower uric acid levels, so if you aren’t already taking these you can speak to you doctor to see if they might help.

If you feel that you need pain relief, you should take ibuprofen but not aspirin.


Other Useful Gout Information

The UK Gout Society –
Arthritis Research UK –

There is a useful fact sheet available from The UK Gout Society if you want to find out more –


Medi-Care Disclaimer

This content provides general information for travellers who may have a pre-existing medical condition. All pre-existing medical conditions will need to be declared when applying for travel insurance and are taken into account on an individual basis when quoting for your policy.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition: Any past, current or reoccurring medical condition which has been diagnosed, investigated or treated at any time prior to travel, even if this condition is considered to be stable and under control.

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