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If you are planning a group holiday, or a family holiday, this year you might want to consider group travel insurance. Jetting away with friends or family in a large group is a way to create memories that will last for years yet doing all that without group travel insurance is a recipe for disaster. Sorting it out as a group is a great way of making sure you have the right cover when you are abroad, and can be an affordable solution to the insurance conundrum.

ERGO offers a wide variety of group travel insurance policies that are designed to cover a wealth of different eventualities and needs. Whether you’re heading off on a group holiday with the lads to the Costa del Sol, trekking across the Andes in a small group or enjoying the holiday of a lifetime to Disneyland with the family, it will be covered.

Cover differs depending on the country involved and is broken down into European insurance and that for the rest of the world.

From there on in it’s a case of personalising the insurance to the needs of your trip. Winter sports coverage is there for anyone jetting off to colder climbs in search of fresh powder and comes in a number of different flavours. The one that you choose depends very much of the ability of the skiers taking part in your group trip to the pistes. I mean, there’s no point getting off-piste coverage if you don’t need it!

Backpacker is another class of group travel insurance offered by ERGO and within that there is, once again, several levels. It basically boils down to how far you want to take the adventure/extreme sports element of your trip. Decide that and you’ll be well on the way to getting the best group travel insurance possible..

All policies include our Emergency Medical Expenses cover, which, coupled with access to 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance providers, is a further bonus for our clients. It’s important to note that a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) only provides a basic level of coverage and for anything serious you need a group travel insurance policy. Otherwise you and your pals risk getting an expensive bill at the end of your trip for any medical emergencies.

To make things even easier for you we offer access to our Euro-Center teams, English speaking medical experts who are located across the world and are ready to help you should you find yourself injured or unwell.

With an easy to use, safe and secure online booking and payment system, and a quote process that makes buying your group travel insurance quick and simple, ERGO can help with all your insurance needs.


I was very impressed by the level of service.

They beat the competition by a country mile! Super happy and will most certainly be buying insurance with them again.

ERGO Customer - December 2019