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Disconnecting while you travel

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If you’re about to go away for a break, deciding whether or not to completely disconnect is part of the decision you’ll have to make. Turning off your phone and leaving those emails behind could be the making of your trip.

Disconnecting while you travel

You might not be brave enough to leave your phone, tablet or laptop at home all together, in fact taking a phone with you is a great safety net should anything go wrong, but there are ways to disconnect on your own terms.

Some phones will allow you to go into ‘sleep mode’ but selected contacts can still get through (so you get to decide which side of the filter you want your boss to sit!) so you avoid all but the most important people in your contacts list. Turning off notifications is another great way to keep connected but not have the interruptions that constant messages can create.

Unconnected devices

Phones are more than just phones these days, so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll also be using it to take most of your photographs. You may also want to play a few games on it, especially if you’re travelling with children when a pocket sized boredom-buster can be a real saviour!

You don’t have to immediately upload all of these pictures to Facebook or Instagram either, and we’d probably suggest that you don’t let the world know your house is empty to be honest. Just save them on your device and post away once you are back at home.

Don’t feel like you have to be online all the time, just flick the Wi-Fi on when you want to go online or search for the best local restaurants nearby.

All work no play

…is a horrible term at the best of times, but even more so when you’re sitting on the beach trying to enjoy time out or with your family. Employers know how easy it is to stay connected, so if you’re really taking a break from work then you should make it clear that you won’t be reachable during your holiday.

Getting your task list up-to-date before you go away will ease the feeling that you should connect with work whilst you are away.

Making sure that your ‘out of office’ email is full of information is another great way to ensure that your customers. Don’t just say “I’m out of the office, will be back in a week!” as that doesn’t help anyone. Add in plenty of email addresses and phone numbers for people within the business who can help your clients while you’re not there, and with any luck all of those issues will be dealt with before you get back to the office.

I’m heading into a tunnel

Those old tricks of heading into tunnels or making silly noises in the vain hope of sounding a little like static are a bit old hat these days. If you decide you want to be fully connected all the time, then we’ve also got some tips on our Staying connected while you travel page, but if you want to use some of the ideas here to get a more complete disconnect, then we hope you enjoy your holiday that little bit more.

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