Solo travel with pre-existing medical conditions

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Travelling individually can be extremely daunting at first. But it can also be extremely rewarding and relaxing. With no ties or limits as to what you can achieve during your time away. ERGO believes that just because you are travelling alone and have a medical condition this shouldn’t stop you from going on that dream vacation. That’s why we cover individuals up to the age of 84.

You’ll be pleased to hear that travelling individually is becoming more popular than ever! 101 Holidays performed an analysis on over 100,000 holidays and found that 35% were in fact travelling individually. This figure is expected to continue to rise over the next few years. This is likely to be because of people leading increasingly busy lifestyles. Solo travelling is reported to be slightly more popular with women, at 58.3% of solo travellers. Consequently, a large number of holiday companies are offering exclusive deals to those who are single, divorced, widowed or just travelling alone. The most popular destination for people travelling by themselves is reported to be Greece.


Travelling individually in groups:

With the rise in singular travel, group travel tours have also increased. The two increases are likely to be related, with individuals booking onto group tours as a great way of meeting and socialising with new people you may otherwise never have met. In particular cruises are becoming extremely popular. With some cruise companies even deliberately arranged their seating according to requirements of their passengers (i.e single, couples, family), to ensure the most positive experience for all on board.


ERGO’s Top 10 Benefits of Travelling Individually

  1. This maybe very cliche, but you do learn a great deal about yourself.
  2. You make brand new friends, from various places and cultures.
  3. You get to experience things you’ve never done/scene before.
  4. Travelling alone provides extreme flexibility and allows you to change and drop things whenever you wish.
  5. You are never actually alone! There are loads of people in a similar position.
  6. You have an opportunity to be rid of any fears or insecurities you may have.
  7. No one will judge you! For example try and types of foods or do any trips you want without any one telling you otherwise.
  8. Money saving! For example; you can pick your own mode of transport and accommodation.
  9. You will become more confident.
  10. Absolutely no drama! You will have no one to argue with except yourself.


Be Prepared:

It is an overriding theme in our pages throughout our travel smart section, that you cannot place enough importance on being prepared. Especially if you are travelling individually and by to new, previously unexplored places.

We recommend if you take prescriptions to see your relevant healthcare professional or GP up to 6 weeks in advance and take enough to last longer than your actual duration, just incase there is any unforeseen delays. We also suggest reading up and researching the places/areas you are going to visit. This will become extremely important should anything bad happen and you need to know the location of the nearest hospital. ERV’s assistant actually provides these details but its always best to do some additional research if for any reason your phone is not working, or out of action. It is also a good idea to learn a few basic words of a local language, if you are going to a country where you don’t speak their local dialect. We also suggest making scheduled contact times with friends or relatives to let them know you are safe, well and enjoying yourself. This can be extremely helpful in bad situations, because your loved ones will know where you last were and what you were planning on doing, if for any reason they needed to inform someone.



With ERGO Medi-Care, we cover over 200 conditions automatically at no additional cost. See our list of Automatically Approved medical conditions for more information. If your conditions aren’t automatically accepted, we offer a simple process to assess your needs, either online or by talking them through with one of our customer service team over the phone.


ERGO’s Service

ERGO has one of the most comprehensive assistance networks and our pre-approved medical facilities for all of our customers. With ERGO individual Medi-Care travellers with a medical condition are not only able to find insurance but are also able to rest assured that they will receive quality care should they need it.

We believe strongly in our Quality and Service ERGO Standard, and it’s our way of letting you know that you’re safe in the hands of an insurer that goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best possible treatment should something unfortunate happen while you’re away:

  • 24/7 medical assistance – easy access to assistance when you need it most
  • Local knowledge, local services – our expertise looking after you
  • English speaking customer services with multi lingual capabilities
  • Access to clinics and hospitals which have been inspected by our Euro-Center staff
  • Local cash free bill payment – whenever possible

If you’re travelling individually, looking for travel insurance, and are having trouble finding a suitable provider, call us on 01403 788510 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.



Andy Chapman

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