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A beginner’s guide to ski teacher insurance

The do's and don'ts

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Getting decent ski trip insurance ahead of your sojourn to the alps for two weeks of fun is the single most important task to undertake before you go. Without it, you could be left with a nasty medical bill should the unthinkable happen. It’s no less important for anyone heading over for an entire season to take out ski teacher insurance. You don’t want to walk off the slopes at the end of the day with a sprained ankle only to find that the ski insurance you took out is invalid.

A beginner’s guide to ski teacher insurance

When you start looking at ski travel insurance for UK skiers you soon realise it sometimes doesn’t reach the level required. Below we’ve gone through some of the factors to consider when choosing ski teacher insurance before the season gets underway.

Decide what job you actually want to do

Ski resorts are just like any other holiday resort in the sun except that the activities on offer stretch far beyond anything you can be offered on the Costa del Sol. The presence of English speaking holidaymakers in almost every ski resort means that staff to converse with them are in high demand. You can find a role doing anything from being a ski teacher to making beds in a hotel.

Choosing the most appropriate ski trip insurance should also be at the forefront of your mind.

Ski travel insurance for UK skiers varies depending on what needs to be covered and how advanced a skier you are. When it comes to ski teacher insurance it’s always worth looking into detail about the level of ski trip insurance cover you have. As a teacher you will automatically have more opportunities to try out a more diverse range of skiing activities such as going off piste or helicopter drops.

For workers in the service industry who are hitting the slopes on their weekly day off from the hotel or restaurant, picking ski trip insurance that covers a little less may be sufficient.

What are you covered for?

Get in touch with the company you are working for and see what level of ski teacher insurance you already have as part of the package. You may not be comprehensively covered and it’s likely you may need extra coverage.

For example, the insurance offered by your employer may, but is unlikely to cover you for off piste skiing done on your days off. This is where you can benefit from buying additional ski trip insurance that covers a greater range of activities.

Never work illegally

Whilst in Europe it is easy enough to work anywhere in the continent without a visa. Outside that it can be a minefield. Heading out for a ski season outside Europe without a prearranged teaching job means you won’t have ski teacher insurance when you arrive. Even worse, it could invalidate your ski trip insurance policy if you start to work illegally. Always arrange a job that includes insurance before departing for the season and check the legitimacy of the company to make sure you’ve not broken any rules before leaving.

Avoid pitfalls and get fit before you go

Not having to make a claim against your ski teacher insurance is one sure-fire way to make you worry less about cover. Improving your fitness levels before you go can help to prevent any muscular injuries that may result in costly bills to see a physio to get you back out on the slopes.

Seeking any kind of medical care will involve you consulting the ski teacher insurance policy you either got with the job or took out yourself. If it’s the former, there’s no guarantee that it will even include cover for physiotherapy or the like.

Look out for any time limits

We all know that ski trips are not unlimited in length and regular ski trip insurance will not cover you for the longer periods of time needed as a teacher. Look out for winter sports insurance that specifically covers longer periods of time. Insurance for round the world travellers offers this kind of protection for a reason and it’s worth finding something similar that includes a high level of winter sports cover.

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