Heading to the slopes this winter? Planning on taking the whole family with you? Organising a summer holiday can be difficult enough, so the added extras involved in planning a winter break can definitely be daunting!

Family Ski Insurance

At ERGO we understand that not all families are the same, especially when it comes winter sports holidays. When you’re busy balancing baggage and organising itineraries – it’s hard to accommodate both young groomed slope skiers and teenagers with a passion for ripping stunts in the organised parks! – we know the last thing you want is the hassle of finding a suitable family ski insurance policy.

But we can help take the stress of family ski.

All you have to do is choose your base cover, and then decide if your family is a Rookie, Adventurer or Pro…


If you and your family want to stick to the groomed slopes, take in the scenery or take each grade of slope at your leisure, then you may want to consider our Rookie level. The Rookie level is included as standard.


Designed to add a little more excitement, Adventurer takes you off the trodden track. Whilst the kids are at ski school, you and an organised group might decide to tame the untouched powder off-piste! Or if your children are experienced enough, you could all carve a new trail into the snow!

Our Adventurer upgrade caters for a variety of different activities (refer to “Choose your product” below). Generally if you are looking to experiment slightly beyond the groomed slopes, or try your hand at a slightly more adventurous activity, this upgrade may be of interest to you. Simply select “Adventurer” when you get a quote.


If you and your family demand more from your winter sports holiday, and the groomed slopes are just not enough, our Pro cover may be of interest! For the family who live for untouched powder without the assistance of a guide, or for family members who want to try their hand at stunts in an organised park, you may want to consider our Pro cover.