The beauty of glacier skiing, taking on the massive ice floes that are found in the mountains of the world, is that it can be undertaken outside the normal skiing season. The chance to enjoy all-year skiing is something that entices many people to some of the best resorts in the summer, especially those in the Alps across Europe.



At ERGO we can offer you a choice of winter sports insurance policies covering a variety of different needs, and we can provide policies that cover you for such specialised events as glacier skiing. We recognise that skiing, by nature, has many risks, and our policies are designed to reflect this.

With all our policies you also get our Emergency Medical Expenses cover, and this in turn comes complete with access to an Emergency Medical Assistance provider who will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for your convenience. Furthermore, a team of English speaking medical experts situated in various locations across the world, known as Euro Center teams, will be able to help you no matter what you need.

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Glacier Skiing has the benefit of offering year-round skiing, so there’s no need to wait until the winter to get those skis out again!