The thrills of mono-skiing cannot be described in words, for there is nothing quite like this extreme winter sport for excitement and indulgence. As it grows in popularity, many more ski resorts are offering packages that invite beginners and more experienced skiers to experience the sheer rush of mono-skiing. The key to getting the best out of your holiday is to have the peace of mind of the right holiday insurance cover.

image: wikipedia

Mono Skiing Insurance

At ERGO we can offer specialised policies that include cover for mono-skiing, as we know that being injured abroad can be expensive. We provide cover for both European and Worldwide destinations that are popular with winter sports enthusiasts. There are particular policies that are there to cater for skiers.

“A monoski is a single wide ski used for skiing on snow. The same boots, bindings, and poles are used as in alpine skiing. Unlike in snowboarding, both feet face forward, rather than sideways to the direction of travel” – wikipedia

You can also take advantage of our Emergency Medical Expenses cover which comes as standard with all policies, and which – coupled with access to 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance providers – adds extra peace of mind for your holidays.

For further assistance we offer access to our Euro Center teams, a selection of English speaking medical experts who are located across the world and who are ready to help you should you find yourself injured or unwell.

With an easy to use, safe and secure online booking and payment system, and a quotation process that makes buying your mono skiing insurance quick and simple, ERGO can help with all your specialist insurance needs.