When it comes to winter sports, we know off-piste is a big deal.

Off-piste ski insurance

Being the first to brush over light, perfect, untouched snow is a holy grail for skiers and snowboarders alike. And after mastering the black runs, the craving to carve through amazing scenery can be great – with the rewards even greater.

But if you’ve never experienced the sweet taste of off-piste powder and it’s your first time, we’d suggest that you don’t go alone. Research ahead, look for organised groups within your resort, find out what the experience will give you, and find out the safety procedures to ensure your off-piste trip is as perfect as the powder.

Be aware that some insurance policies do not provide cover for off-piste. So if off-piste with a guide is on your travel “to-do” list, you may want to consider ERGO’s Adventurer winter sports insurance product for your off-piste insurance.

Alternatively, if you’re an experienced off-piste pro, ready to take on the backcountry with your buddies without a guide, you may want to consider ERGO Pro off-piste ski insurance. This insurance not only covers off-piste without a guide, but also a wide range of hazardous activities to include freestyle in an organised park, heli-skiing and cat-skiing  – see our range of winter sports products for further information.

And of course, before you take on the mountain, always make sure you take the necessary safety precautions. To help, we’ve put together the following off-piste safety guide – ERGO Off-Piste Guidelines

Most importantly, ERGO provide off-piste ski insurance that can cover you for off-piste with a professional guide and off-piste ski insurance without a professional guide if you are more experienced. Simply fill in our Quote selecting the correct criteria depending on your level of experience and the activities you are taking part in on your tour or ski holiday.