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Vaccine passport “a fact of life” says PM.

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As we prepare to leave the third government enforced lockdown behind us, one key issue is yet to be decided… How will the introduction of a Vaccine Passport play a part of our everyday lives?


How could it work?

In an attempt to stimulate the economy and bring back a sense of normality the NHS is piloting ways in which the public can show evidence they have received a vaccine, had a negative Corona virus test, or tested positive and recovered from the virus within the past six months. Exactly how this may work is yet to be decided however the pilot is taking both “digital and non-digital routes”.


When will it come into effect?

At a press conference on Monday (5/04/2021) Boris Johnson said the introduction of such a scheme will not be for at least two months. This would bypass the next milestone on April 12th and more significantly in this case, May 17th when indoor hospitality is due to re-start.


The PM said “On Covid status certification, as we prefer to call it, the most important thing to say to everybody listening and watching is there’s absolutely no question of people being asked to produce certification or a Covid status report when they go to the shops or to the pub garden or to their hairdressers or whatever on Monday.”

“And indeed, we are not planning that for stage three either on May 17th. As you know we are hoping to go for the opening up of indoor hospitality and so on.”

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As plans have not been finalised discussions surrounding its overall impact and how it could be used are still being addressed in government. Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has said we must keep an open mind about the use of vaccination passports if they can allow for a more normal life to resume and has called for further discussion.


What does the public think?

A recent survey by Ipsos MORI poll found that 78% of respondents were in favour of the potential roll out of such a scheme if it enabled them to travel abroad safely. Support was high for domestic use with 62% in favour of the potential documentation required for going to pubs and restaurants or visiting loved ones in hospital.


When will you need to show your Vaccine Passport?

Part of the pilot scheme is testing the certificate in large scale events such as theatres, nightclubs, festivals, and other sports events. “The government says there will be some settings where Covid passports will never be required – including essential shops, public services, and public transport.”



How will this effect international travel?

Currently proof of a negative test is already required when travelling internationally. The government has said this is expected to continue and they are looking into ways such evidence can be tracked digitally.

“European officials have announced plans for an EU-wide “Green Digital Certificate“. This would allow anyone vaccinated against Covid, or who has tested negative, or recently recovered from the virus, to travel within the region.”



Various popular destinations have already announced plans to boost their tourism industries.

  • Greece has announced it will develop its own criteria for entry starting with Israeli holiday makers using the green holiday certificate.
  • Cyprus insists on Britons having both jabs before entry however it has stated it will not require proof of a negative test or any form of quarantine upon entry.

Speaking at AstraZeneca’s Macclesfield factory, the PM said

“What we are looking at is what several other countries are looking at and that is the role of vaccination passports for overseas travel, I think that is going to be a fact of life, probably,” he says.

“I think we are also going to look at the role of the number of signals you can give that you are not contagious. First of all immunity, if you’ve had it that’s going to be important, and number two, a vaccination will be useful but don’t forget the importance of testing,”






Will my travel insurance cover me if something goes wrong?

Please be aware we are currently only selling policies for UK travel after 12th April and international travel after May 17th, 2021. If you purchase a policy to travel during a Government imposed lockdown then this policy will be invalid, and you will not be insured.


If you are planning a trip later this year, it’s important to make sure you have appropriate insurance. You are now able to buy both annual multi-trip and single trip policies, which can be used for UK travel after 12th April and international travel after May 17th 2021.


If you are travelling during the government enforced travel ban, travelling to or from destinations with limited border access, or you are travelling knowingly with or have recorded symptoms of COVID-19, or you are travelling against the advice of the Government or the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, hereafter referred to as FCDO, you will not be able to make a claim.


Please always check your policy schedule alongside your terms and conditions, as our policy coverages have changed since the COVID-19 outbreak, depending upon when you purchased your policy.

Find out more on our COVID-19 general information page.


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Andy Cresco

Vaccine passport “a fact of life” says PM.

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